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Remedial Exercise

Strengthening Exercises


Depending on your needs you may be given certain strength training exercises to do at home in between treatments.  These exercises are given to help correct postural imbalances, strengthen weak muscles and provide an overall sense of well being.  



Stretching exercises are also usually given to be done in between treatments.  Stretching is helpful in a variety of ways.  One important way that stretching is helpful is that it can help to reduce stress and increase relaxation.  Along with diaphragmatic Breathing it can go a long way to facilitate healing. 



Cardiovascular exercise is just as important as strength training and stretching that is why I often suggest adding a regimen of walking or swimming for example to help improve overall health.



The above exercises are always given with specific instruction.  I will demonstrate the regimen I want you to do and have you demonstrate it back to me, this way I will be confident that I have given you the tools needed to perform your tailored regimen safely and effectively.

If you are ever in doubt about what I have shown you, do not perform that activity and wait until our next appointment so we can review it together.