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About Me


Crystal Anne Lecuyer RMT

I am originally from Windsor Ontario but now call the Forest city my home.  I received my training in 2014 here in London.  Since then I have expanded my knowledge with the healing arts by learning many Osteopathic techniques which I integrate into my treatments.  These techniques are highly effective and provide my clients with long lasting relief from conditions some of my clients have had for decades.


Osteopathic Techniques Explained

Osteopathy focuses on the body's innate ability to heal itself.  It looks at the relationship between the bodies structure and function.  By removing blockages the systems of the body are better able to perform as they should which facilitates healing.  The techniques I have learned work by mobilizing the joints, fascia and soft tissue to create balance in the body.  Helping people heal is my Passion and I am working continually to expand my knowledge and skill set.


About Me

Besides my work I have many passions.  I love being in Nature and take every opportunity to go hiking or for a walk down by the Thames River.  I also have a passion for reading and writing, I believe that writing is a very good way to reduce stress and to allow our thoughts to flow onto paper which can help clear room in our minds for other things.